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A "Different" Take On A Classic Axe!


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I picked up this guitar a couple of months ago and just never got around to taking pictures and posting about it. I have always loved the look of Firebirds, but other than owning an Epiphone Firebird VII for a while, never took the plunge on a Gibson model. Then this thing came along and really but the hook into me!


To begin with, as much as I like and admire Jeff Baxter, I've never seen him actually PLAY a Firebird, so that whole connection was kind of lost on me and didn't play the least bit into my purchasing decision ... the sound and feel of this great axe, however, did.


In the very few posts I've seen one it, I have heard the guitar described as "fiddly", and as having "too many switches", and it's trues ... it has a bunch, but the various tones you can get out of this thing make it more than worthwhile!


Here are some pics for you (yes, I LIKE the finish too! [thumbup])








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