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hell some people do it no matter where you are at, I am an avid McCartney/Beatles fan and I was recently at a concert of his and ended up having to move because there was 4 or 5 asians speaking Japaneese next to me and they were constantly talking/yelling over songs you could tell they liked the music and knew the songs well but would not shut up.

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They sound good to my ears. Common response for a bar gig. People are busy eating, talking, drinking. The guy doing the lead needs to take the rag off his head. If he needs something on his head, there are lots of different kinds of hats. He's a good singer and decent guitar player, but his appearance is kind of comical. On the other hand, that may be exactly what he's after. Either way, it sounded pretty good.

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Well done !


A lot of work probably went into the vocals and everything tracking along out of the PA.


Video wise, poor cajon player didn't get much of a look in....


The main singer got the spot in front of the air-con.....maybe his head got cold. (Hope he doesn't have health problem)


Any how, I would happily sit the afternoon away with a beer or 5 listening to them. Takin' it Easy as the song says.


And noisy crowd better than no crowd!




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