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Here's some of my LPJ (with a guest).



"What's going on?" --------- "Seems OK." ------------------- "I like it!"


---- ----------- ----------




---------------- ----------------

Thanks, man. I really like that cherry finish on you LPJ. That wood grain is very nice, too.

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Ah yes, you slapped a black pickguard on....always liked white on black...or is it black on white?


Anyway, it's another LPJ beauty!


Hmmm....I'm saying black on white. =)


Ordered it last week from Bobby Lee's screwless pick guards. So much easier than drilling. When on easy and the durometer rating has to be in the mid 80s'. Probably about 1/8" thick.

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I've been tracking sales and availability trends of all LP models for months. One thing I find interesting is that

the '13 LPJ had all but disappeared from the major retailers. Within the past week or so, MF has them back on their site.

Amazon's supply has increased, as well as their prices. It seems the LPJ is catching on... 'n with good reason!


Furthermore, both the '13 and '14 LPJs are a scarce find in the 'used' department at MF. I must conclude that people are loving them.

I use MF as a base point because they stock and ship LPs for GC as well as other retailers. Sure, LPJs are readily available on eBay

and Reverb as used, but this is not the point I'm attempting to convey.


LPJs get consistently good/great reviews. I can understand why. The Gibson LPJ is most definitely a 'real' Les Paul - and then some.

....and let's get some more 'close-up' photos on here! I for one would love to see a boatload of LPJ pics dominate this thread.


Check one out today!

I got lucky. One of the sales associates at Sweetwater knew I wanted a 2013 LPJ. So when one was sent back he emailed me to let me know it was available. Only paid 505.00 for it. I would like to get a 2013 SGJ in white to match. I'm keeping an eye out.

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I've seen a few described as white 'rubbed', 'satin' and 'translucent'...I'm confused, but is this the one?




I saw that one too. I believe it is the rubbed white satin model (2013). I'm don't know if it can be imported into the states or not. Otherwise I would jump at it. There is a fellow on eBay that has some bodies without the electronics. I was thinking about getting one of those and using it for a project guitar. I want to know more about Luthiering (if that is even a word) before tackling it.

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