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Family Photo Day


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Ok so I finally took em all out at once. The only ones missing are my ESP LTD Vintage Series PBass, and my Cheapo Martin acoustic.

From left to right. 2014 Les Paul Trad Pro II Vintage Burst, 2000 Les Paul Standard Burgandy Wine, 2002 Les Paul Standard Light Burst, 2013 Les Paul Trad Pro II Champagne, and up front 1996 Warmoth custom built Ash Strat. Sorry for the crappy photo, took it with my phone, and my living room lighting is not very studioesq. lol


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I sold most of these but they were all killer guitars and as usual I wish I still had them.

left to right - Dillion birds in flight,I sent the P90's out and had them rewound to my specs and they were the best.

2.Gibson - SG Supreme,Mahog body with a flame maple top. 3.Gibson 1969 LP deluxe with the pickups routed out for 57 classics before I bought it.4.Gibson LP someone refinished the top to clear,I put in the 500t and 496r ceramic PU's

5.Fender Iron Maiden Stratocaster,3 SD stacked humbuckers and a floyd rose,a hard guitar to get info on.


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