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Ahhh, are there three greater words in the English language? Actually yes there are, several came to mind as I was typing this but those three are definitely top ten! I'm waiting for the big brown truck to bring my '08 ES-137 in tri-burst. Bought from Oilvia's last Friday. Pics to follow!

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The pics I took won't load. Files are too large apparently.


Once you exceed the puny allotment you get here, you have to load your images to photobucket or some other free "storage" site, then use the 'img' (and '/img') tag with the url to your photo on that site to show them here. Nice 'clouds' on that guitar!

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Are those full hollow or semi?



the ES-137 are semi hollow bodies with a center block.


So they are like an ES-335, (Albeit just a bit thicker) or it's predecessor the ES-135.


I have one of the last year runs from the ES-135, fantastic guitar, I can't imagine the ES-137 to be anything short of excellent.


Congrats on the purchase, don't forget to write your review post haste!!

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Ok, here goes. Finally some of my pics of the new 137. As for review, so far it's very positive. A very "woofy" sound as compared to 335's I've owned and a recent 139. Definitely had to tweak the amp a bit. I'm not sure of the pickups yet because I'm used to Burstbucker Pro's. These sound a bit hotter, yet somehow more compressed if that makes sense. Not quite as open as the BB Pro's. Build quality is excellent, action and intonation spot on. Weight is right at 8.75 lbs so she's a touch on the hefty side but that's ok. I've had Les Paul's over 10 lbs before. The neck is simply amazing. Nice thickness, but not overly so. It's a 2008 but it appears un-played to my eyes. There's no wear on the body, just some very minor pick swirl on the pickguard. Frets look brand new. It came with what seemed to be 12's, but I put a set of 10's on last night and that helped playability quite a bit. I'll have a setup done soon to make sure everything's good to go.


Kidblast - I was looking at a 135 as well, and you're right that those are fantastic guitars. I owned one briefly about 15 years ago and have regretted selling it for years. When it came down to it the price was right on the 137 so I went with it.

post-56471-015743300 1409175045_thumb.jpg

post-56471-002682700 1409175061_thumb.jpg

post-56471-021176400 1409175074_thumb.jpg

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Welcome to the ES137 club... [thumbup]


I could wax lyrical about these guitars for ever... [biggrin]


IMO the aesthetics are spot on...derived closely from the classic ES175


Being a semi...arguably there is more versatility and 'rockability'... [thumbup]


The design IMO is an inspired meld of ES175...ES335...Les Paul...


There is a mahogany insert in the maple centre block to veer the 'heavy ES335' thinking more toward 'Les Paul'...


Resulting in a classically 'archtop' styled guitar with the ability to handle more diverse musical styles...even to hi-gain blues and rock...






PS...Just looked at your pics and notice your's is the 'Classic' ES137 with the P/U's directly lifted from a Les Paul... [thumbup]

There is another 'Custom' ES137 with P/U's ('57's) directly lifted from a typical ES335, also with a Varitone circuit... [thumbup]

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