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04 Les Paul identification


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I hate to do it, but I need to sell my 04 Led Paul studio :(

I had hoped to lurk on this site to gather the information on the guitar but it seems like that kind of knowledge is gathered over many years. I would like to know what model this is and what a fair price would be.

I bought this guitar new at guitar center with matching case. It has only been played a handful of times in the last ten years, it even has the original strings. I looked up the serial number and it was built in Nashville on Sep 9th, 2004. Number 168.

I haven't made the time to play since I got it, and it just sits there. I need the money and I hate to sell her, but she deserves to be played.

I don't know anything about it outside of that. It's in immaculate condition.

What would be a fair price for this guitar? I would hate to unknowingly rip someone off.







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it went under a couple of names.. like faded mahogany studio, or a faded brown.


in any case it doesn't have maple cap and is "just" mahogany on mahogany


original strings won't make or break a sale, since a pack of strings can be had from $2-$20.





looks like ebay has them between $500-700

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Hey, if you have to rip somebody off, doing it unknowingly is probably the best way. My conscience wouldn't allow me to do it any other way. :rolleyes: Actually, this is a buyer's market lately and you're the one who are probably going to take a loss on the deal not the buyer sorry to say.

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