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Adding a bigsby with a wraparound bridge


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Surprised no one has responded to this. Anyhow, I say (if you haven't already) GO FOR IT. I love a Maestro (full "lyre" or short versions) or a Bigsby on my SG's (and Bigsby on my fave Tele too!). It adds a "complete" look to the guitar (to me, SG's just don't look right without a nice tailpiece, as they were intended, and "reissues" aren't reissues if they lack one of the aforementioned---or the "sideways" tremolo), and versatility if, like myself, you aren't afraid to abuse the whammy bar a little when called for. I had a beat-to-crap lame-VOS Custom Shop model that I took in on trade that came with a stoptail, and I made it right by not only giving it a REAL finish but also plugging the stoptail holes and putting a Bigsby B5 on it. TOTALLY different guitar now, in a GOOD way.


I am actually about to add tremolos/vibrolas to my 2 Epiphone 50th Anniversary SG Specials (set up like yours, with just a wraparound); I'm putting a short Maestro repro on my red one, and a Bigsby B5 on my black one.


I recommend either the USA-made B5 or the B50 import, the differences in feel are marginal if you've had exposure to various tremolos. Make sure you center it, and square it up with the bridge humbucker or the base of the neck (keep in mind your bridge is tilted so you pretty much have to ignore it altogether in that regard); I use an adapter plate from an old Cisco wireless access point that slides perfectly under the existing bridge up against the pickup so I can get it lined up and square. Another tip from a professional hack, toss a penny under the spring to give yourself a little more "wiggle room" (OR if you're using heftier strings). :)



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