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I bought a couple of small cheap amps at GC during there 15% off weekend sale, for students that forget or don't have small carry along amps,

They sounded bad just made noise

So I took them back and as I was waiting for them, I saw a new TV Yellow 2014 Gibson Melody Maker they just unboxed and hung up.

Man that thing was so Mustard ugly it was Cool looking. It played extremely well and sounded great. 440.43 plus 15% off. 374.36

With a little set up work this is the best 400.00 I've Wissed away in a long time..



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Dear Creeper.


Good name. You are a creep. Period.




No Gibson dealers around where I live within a day's drive.




--- Seriously, I'd say with those P90s and a Gibson neck, and the anniversary logo inlaid? It's a steal.



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Hey, I'm just a grouchy old man, bitter with the creases in my face that make morning shaving less comfortable and the mirror reflecting a picture that doesn't well suit the self image. <grin> The only saving grace to such vicissitudes of age is the right, nay the responsibility, to become grouchy and entirely give up any sort of sense of humor. Hence I've never told a joke in the past 30 years. Well, okay, hardly ever.


Seriously, I am rather envious. That's a nice little guitar for a number of good and practical reasons - and that doesn't even count the price tag as being one of those reasons.


BTW, after you have 15 or so replies in other segments of the general Gibson forum, you become eligible for the Gibson "lounge." That's where the discussion might go to cabbages and kings, various bridges and nuts, pots and panning certain things.


The Epiphone lounge is somewhat similar - and some of the Epis are far, far higher priced than your new Gibbie, especially for folks in Australia who seem to have much, much higher prices than in Anglophone North America, the British Isles and Europe.



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