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Soundtrack tunes you like


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Laugh at these if you will... but I guess it shows my age... <grin>


Or... an affinity to the B3.




Both are smooth... but... get more interesting through the pieces... Yeah, period pieces and kinda the understated stuff kinda like the old days "bad guys" wearing suits to cover their ... hardware ... in a sorta film noir mode - stedda motorcycle jackets in color with gushing blood.


Especially Jimmy Smith's "Walk on the Wild Side" is worth listening all the way through before deciding good or bad. Note some interesting guitar work, again, further into the piece.


As for mancini... interesting material with arrangements one's unlikely to hear the like of today. But they were pretty popular "in the day."



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These are albums:


"Help" still sounds pretty good but I suppose is not really a soundtrack.


"Alfie" - Sonny Rollins / Oliver Nelson (Kenny Burrell on guitar!)


"Get Carter" - OST music by English arranger Roy Budd


"Performance" - Jack Nitszche with various including Ry Cooder....


....Who went on to make soundtrack albums himself, including:

"Crossroads", "The Border", "Paris Texas"(great music, rubbish film), "Alamo Bay", "Blue City", "The Long Riders" etc


"Lift To The Scaffold" - Miles Davis


Too many more to list....


There are so many TV themes that I don't remember; however "Dr Who" continues and Clapton's 'Edge Of Darkness' was good. I have 12" singles of 'Hill Street Blues' and 'Blade Runner' by Morrissey-Mullen....


And can still hum bits of "The Flintstones", "Cruella De Ville", "Fireball XL5" and others from my childhood.


Fax n' info Edit!! "The Flintstones" theme is one of many, many tunes which uses the chord sequence of Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm"......

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