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New Recording From My Studio A


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Back to Studio A (otherwise known as the Back Room) for some practice on this track I have been working on a bit....


Look at it as a 'work in progress', with a clanger or 2, but it is my acoustic blues/vocal version of "For You Blue" by George Harrison/Beatles...played on my Martin D28 (HD28v actually). I was going to load it on another forum where someone asked if you should play blues on a dreadnaught!



I was going to add a slide track over the top next, but as I was packing up the D28, I have slightly sprained my left wrist grabbing the case the wrong way...rats! So the next version without clanger/mistakes could be a while off....



Any bottleneckers please feel free to play along with your version of the famous slide bit!



Here Tis:











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Nice job. I wish I could play the Blues like that.....never could get the hang of it.




Thanks LG!


Getting a few Stefan Grossman Guitar Workshop Country Blues Lesson DVDs is a joyful thing if you want to learn blues picking!


Truly, the stuff you can get now covers a lot of territory. Start with the easy ones, which are really hard - you'll be real pleased with yourself. I'll be back on the Stefan lessons in a minute - it never stops....they say a guitarist will never be bored!





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I love this sort of stuff.

brilliant as usual BK.

you should tour



Thanks BBG, very kind!



Which guitar do I pick to go on this tour? Oh no, don't know?



Maybe I should get another one?



Though a tour gives vision of current guitars going to pawn shop, house and car back to bank, and me off to guitarists' destiny of living in a van by a creek somewhere awful!




Maybe I should start with a gig - last time I played anywhere was a friends' funeral.....about 7 years ago!





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