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Fishman Matrix Infinity on an EJ-200...anyone?


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Ok, so I've been looking at a bunch of different options to amplify my EJ-200 that I just got. What an amazing guitar! (see my other post)


Anyway, here's the deal. I strum...and sometimes pretty aggresively.

I do a series of "Tribute shows" with my band...primarily Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash. I move around a LOT and put on a show, so miking isn't an option. I'm all over the stage, so I want something that resists feedback too. My acoustic amp is a Fishman Loudbox Artist 120w.

I already have two EJ-200ce's, but I wanted the non-cutaway jumbo, not only for the look, but for my own personal preference, and I wanted black. The eSonic2 system on them is pretty good, although I much prefer the nano-flex over the nano mag. I have never really cared for magnetic pickups on an acoustic. I used to have aJ160e back in the day. Loved the guitar, hated the pickup.

Anyway...I found a great guitar, and its perfect for my needs.


So..has anyone here had any experience with the Fishman Matrix Infinity system installed on an acoustic guitar?

I like the fact that it seems simple, sturdy, staright-forward, no hole in the body for the pre-amp, just two simple controls mounted in the soundhole for volume and EQ (OK, 3 actually if you count the little slider switch on the side of the unit for more eq options). Oh, and I like the price! Affordable!


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OK...I bought it and had my guitar tech install it. Sounds fantastic! AMAZING! Much better than the eSonic2 that is in my two EJ-200ce's.


The sound is just pure acoustic tone and the eq is VERY active! TONS of tonal possibilities. Big, full, rich and lush sounding while still having the articulation and "sparkle" on top!! (LOVE the "midrange scoop" setting!) I didn't even have to use my feedback buster! And I can play pretty loud!


I'm running thru a Fishman Loudbox Artist amp, and the combination of the Epiphone EJ-200, Elixer 11's, the Fishman Matrix Infinity and the Loudbox Artist is just about the best acoustic sound I have ever had onstage! Last Friday, I had the soundman take the d.i. out of the amp and into the house mixer and what a sound! I was able to hear my amp, the monitors and the house sound...and I was in acoustic guitar heaven! All the guys in the band also noticed a huge difference in the sound! They loved it!


I know noone responded to the original post, probably because noone here has tried this combination, so I am posting this update for whoever might come along afterwards with a similar question.

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hi, im from singpore, i'm a beginner. the first time i tried playing on a AJ-220S i just fell in love with it. but when i tried the AJ220SCE Acoustic/Electric Guitar, the cut-away version, i knew i'd still prefer the non-cutaway AJ-220S. I was thinking of buying it in the future, (i'm so fickle i kept going back to the DR100 non-cutaway too). but here's the deal, i know i need to buy an acoustic plug-in, and for the meantime I cant afford hehe even the replica 1964 texan that maestro Sir Paul McCartney version, so I was thinking of getting a AJ220S (non-cutaway, coz i prefer non-cutaway with its rich tone that it gives and mixing it with infinity matrix fishman undersaddle pick up). and was wondering how it sounded. Glad i found this forum, glad i know now of the result. thi really helped me. gee, but could ja make a video & upload on youtube? coz there's no vid to check out the sound. thanx.

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