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Bigsby B7...holes!


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Thought I did my homework and opted to buy/install a Bigsby B7 trem directly onto my 2011 LP Studio 60 Trib...lefty. Was comfortable with a permanent mount so I opted not to look into the Vibramate V7 adapter for holeless mounting. Well, got the Bigsby and notice that about half of the tailpiece screw holes are visible...ugly! Then learned that Vibramate only makes a left handed version in a V5....No lefty V7!





I can wait til they make a V7, ship the trem back, fill in the holes, or settle for a jerry-rigged-looking trem job.





just another example of sticking it to the man...the left-handed man! [cursing]







After More Reseach: I saw a left-handed B7/V7 combo pack sold by Gretsch and noticed that the V7 looks like a righty V7. Well, if you look at a Bigsby, both righty and lefty share the same basic frame and same mounting hole orientations - only difference is the location of the arm. So, A V7 will fit a right or left-handed B7. Confirming this now.

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