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So You Want to be a Musician, Eh?

Fullmental Alpinist

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If you've wanted to study music theory or songwriting or cutting edge music technology here are two places offering on-line classes either for free or at low cost.


The Berklee College of Music is offering short-term classes via Coursera for free or for a few bucks if you'd like a certificate of completion. I've not taken classes here but they surely seem worth checking into.


On the on the other hand, I've taken about every class in the catalog at the Foothill Community College Music Technology Program. While it's a fee-based program, if you're a Californian the cost is $31 a unit and change. In return you get college credit and some great, generally quite easy classes you can take at home. Most are self contained so there's no additional expenses for textbooks.


The songwriting classes range from beginning to advanced and are taught by a very talented teacher Jim Bruno. He also teaches a class or two on the the business end of music.


For the recording studio enthusiasts this program is top notch. If you're on-line you can learn Pro Tools at your pace through several increasingly advanced classes that would cost a fortune elsewhere. And I think you get to take the PT certification test for free. If you're in the Silicon Valley area, you'll want to take the recording classes in person because you'll have access to their $500k recording studio as a perk.


If you just want to keep your brain spinning in your old age consider taking the music history classes. They're self contained and easy.




(I receive nothing for this endorsement.)

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