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My Century Amp Arrived Today


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hi Rev - saw this on eBay and thought it might be interesting for you to see what looks like the inspiration for your new amp:





WOW! That's awesome! $1130 USD though - ouch! But that's the real deal 1940 Electar. I'm betting in a side by side shootout the vintage one would win. I'm going to have to take the back off my reissue ad see how it compares to that one. Beautiful! Thanks for posting that!

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Cutest amp ever.

I saw it in a catalog and it made me smile. BUT how does it sound?


It sounds great! I think it will sound even better once the speaker is broken in though. Time will tell of course because I am keeping this amp. I haven't even plugged in any extension cabs yet or tried any effects through it yet because I just want to focus on what it is capable of on it's own. I like it a lot! [wub]

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