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NGD I have a sheraton addiction


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Sound wise they all have there unique quirks, its amazing how the same model of guitar can be so different from the one that might have came off the line behind it.

I would have to say the 62/50s are my favorites, I love the bright mini humbucker sound, but the ones with full size humbuckers also sound great. One observation I have to make is the quality of electronics in the newer MIC ones have came a long way from the 92, though it does sound pretty good after everything was pulled out and cleaned.

Them all being different is true with all manufactures in my experience. (Thank goodness!) [biggrin]


Nice batch you have there! [thumbup]


I am going to start another thread on the differences between the mini's and the full sized humbuckers and I hope you will add to what you have written here.


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