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LP Custom Lite upgrade: third pick-up + Bigsby

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Hi! My name is Vadim and it's my LP Custom Lite 2013 story.


I bought it new for $1500 (http://www2.gibson.c...ustom-Lite.aspx) ...and once again I saw Jimmy Page's black LP: it was a dream! Want it, need it. I begun to upgraded my LP:


1. Gibson '57 classic in middle;


2. 6-way "Free-way" switch;


3. 4 push/pull Gibson 500kOm pots: 3 volume + 1 master-tone. Also: bridge single coil, neck single coil, neck out-of-phaze, bridge dual-sound;


4. Bone nut;


5. Lock tuners Gotoh sg301-4 MGT;


6. Bigsby B7;


7. Roller bridge Shaller;


8. Shielding internal cavity;


9. Orange Drop 225K capacitor;


10. 10-46 gauge Gibson Bright Wires


11. Amber Toggle Switch Cap;


12. Truss Rod Cover "Les Paul Custom"


13. Top Hat Style knobs;


14. Dunlop Straplocks;


15. Polishing frets;


16. Blackout Rosewood fingerboard.


Parts, delivery and work price is $1300. In total: $2800 for new guitar from my dream - it's great!


I don't like "real" LP Custom because of its weight, thick and price (but it maybe sounds better).




p.s. Sorry for my english - I'm from Russia.


p.p.s. If you will be in Moscow - I will be glad to see!




















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Hello Vadim, and welcome here to this nice place in the web.


Congrats on your customized Les Paul Custom Lite. To me it reads like you had the definitive all-purpose guitar made out of it, surpassing most others in flexibility. [thumbup]


To my experience and, as I have to admit, my surprise, the body depth makes not that big difference in Les Paul performance. I checked them Custom Lites then, and a Les Paul Axcess of mine is less deep, too. There's nothing missing except some weight. [biggrin]


How about pot pull operations with Top Hat Knobs? I replaced them with Speed Knobs for easier grasping without the need of putting my fingernails under them. This would have marred the finish with time, and I ran the risk of dropping my flatpick. So except for looks, using Speed Knobs is a win-win situation for me. :)

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Thank you, capmaster!

Top Hat Knobs: I didn't have hardship to pull them. Yes, Speed Knobs more comfy to push/pull, but mine looks great.


And yes, I satisfied very much: this guitar - from my dreams!)


One year ago I want to have LP and strat. Now I don't need a strat.

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Привет! (Hello)


Замечательный инструмент! Tы вложил много труда в него. [thumbup] (Wonderful instrument! You've invested lot of work in it.)


Добро пожаловать в нашeм психбольницe! :D (Welcome to our madhouse!)




Пока! Бенцe (See You... Bence)

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1. I refused to use Vibramate V7 because of its looks less cool: V7 lift your Bigsby up. Holes from HardTail I patched - they are now not visible. V7 was forced to sell for a third the of price((





2. Rosewood fretboard on my LP I made of black color by saturating with Dunlop lemon oil: I take off strings, clear fretboard and saturate it with o lot of oil 10 times. It takes 5 days. Fretboard became black. It's been 2 months ago: fretboard still black!










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