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2015 Gibson Price Increases


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This was stated outwardly on another forum by someone who was at a meeting wherein Henry was speaking at Gibson, and this person happened to be present when Henry was stating this.

To take a second hand comment made on the internet and adopt it as gospel seems unwise. The individual putting this out on another forum could very well have his/her own agenda, axe to grind, or skewed interpretation.


Personally, I see Gibson making a reasonable effort to cover a wide range of price points (which greatly extends in reach with the addition of the Epiphone line). The lowest priced Gibson acoustic is currently $1499 (J-15), while the least expensive Gibson electric runs $489 (SG-J).


If you want to spend less you can do that with the Epiphone line. If you are in fact a rich guy and want to spend overpriced amounts of money for a wall trophy, that can be done, too.


In the 43 years that I've been acutely involved with guitar buying, I have to say that it's easier than ever for the average person to find and affordably purchase a very good quality instrument, Gibson or otherwise.

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