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Nice Chord progressions on this vid!!


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Great performance of a great song.


At least to my ear, Page is at his best in this jazzy acoustic/electric playing style. The combination of direct mic'ing and the pickup give the D-28 a pretty ethereal sound when mixed properly, as this is. (Anyone identify that pickup? I'm not familiar with the ones used in that period.) Good production and mixing, as well.


I would love to hear this with only Plant, Page, the string bass, and the quiet, jazzy percussion that is used through much of this performance.


I love the way Page tosses away his flat pick 30 seconds before the end and does pure fingerpicking rather than the hybrid flat/fingerpicking used for the rest of the song.


Anyone else got a D-28 that sounds like this one? (grin)

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If you grew up in the late '60's and early '70's, I guess by now you're wiping tears from your eyes and drool off of your mouth and chin. I'll admit it, I am!

Simply stunning and breath-taking performance. The Page/Plant union was truly one of music's best offerings, period. Jimmy Page contributed some of rocks most intricate acoustic work in his catalogue of music. Thanks for video, made my day!

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I liked that. Thanks for the link.


I grew up to the music of the late 50's and early 60's and sort of went another direction (country) around the late 60's and 70's and missed out on this type music.


Hendrix was too wild for me back in the day, now he's one of my favorites. Same with Zeppelin


The good thing is this is like new music to my ears.


Doubt if I'll get the same results out of my D28.






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The only thing better than this video was seeing them live!



I also get the feeling that JP didn't hear it like we hear it on the video - that pickup would be all he heard because the D28 would have screamed like a Banshee (or perhaps like RP) as soon as a monitor was turned on..... the nice guitar sound would be going to FOH and the recording....



It is only a 70s pretty disparaged model D28 - no vintage Herringbone or anything..... but wow, what a player! And the vocals from RP....



Thanks for posting it.




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Was he doubled by another guitar in this video?


It sounds really full for a direct mic'ed D28.



It also has a pickup going to the board, and like most concert recordings, was certainly re-mixed afterwards. My first thought when hearing the opening (but not watching the video) was that it was a 12-string, because it did sound doubled. That was also why I asked if anyone could identify the pickup.


Who knows what they did with this in the studio, but I would say it was the combination of a very good engineer, Page knowing what he wanted out of the pickup, and a fair amount of time hovering over the board in the studio. Certainly direct mic'ing plus the pickup gives you at least two guitar tracks to work with, for starters.


But you would no more about this stuff than most of us here.

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