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My retelling of the story told to me about Steve Howe buying a Mel Bay chord book at the height of his rockstardom with Asia, coupled with some reading I recently did on Tommy Tedesco, led to me stumbling upon the title of an instructional book from 1942;


"Modern Guitar Method for Rhythm and Chord Improvising", by George M. Smith


Does anyone have this book? Has anyone ever SEEN this book? It's long out of print, but I'd love to find a copy. If anyone see's one, GRAB IT FOR ME (at a reasonable price of course)!


It seems my studies keep going backword. I initially learned to play from a 1962 Mel Bay book. Years later I started my jazz studies with a 1955 Mickey Baker book, and am now looking for the 1942 George M. Smith book. If I keep this up, and live long enough, I guess I'll be studying baroque lute.


Anyway, this is an international APB for the George M. Smith book.

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As for the lute, if it ain't baroque, don't fix it.


Okay... bad line.


But seriously, I think it's sad when people do not keep working to learn, and expanding horizons of things they do have an affinity toward.


I wish I could help with the book.


Many of us may come at expanding our horizons from a different starting place, and may find ourselves at a different end point (hopefully not until we're "planted"), but that willingness to travel into metaphorical foreign countries is a gift of untold value, IMHO.


Best of luck!



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