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Gibson acoustic dealer in Atlanta area?


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Hello! Im a female looking to add to my guitar collection. After buying two Gibson that I love.. (And a serious case of GAS)..I'm still interested in trying out some smaller bodied models. I had a severe chest injury (lung collapsed) a few years back and having trouble with singing and playing without pain or feeling like I don't have enough air to sound decent singing while playing. I can sing mostly as well as I could before while standing and not playing. I have trouble especially sitting down/on a stool. Maybe It's due to twisting? Or maybe the large size of the guitars I am playing. I bought a J-45 and a Hummingbird TV and love them both. But I think there may be some smaller bodied more parlor type models that I'd love to try out. (There is one being used by Kacey Musgraves on YouTube that looks a great ... Does anybody know what this is? Or is there something even smaller? Or does that put me in Martin territory? (Always thought I'd have a Martin and started my search with an OM28V but didn't pull the trigger. Ended up falling madly in love with Gibson to my own surprise since I was being told my my bluegrass friends that only Martin matters, lol. Since my genre is more Americana, the Gibson deeper tone resonates with me.


Anyway I was hoping I could find a store that perhaps specializes in Gibson in the Atlanta area or even somewhere in the southeast that would have lots of models on hand to try. Guitar Center is the closest thing I have found but they would have to order anything that is non traditional and I would like to find a different place to go.. Does this exist?


Suggestions for any smaller bodied guitar appreciated!! Note I wanted to check out a martin 000-17 mahogany but have never found one in a store...


I have some great guitars but am still a total novice. I am mainly a singer and just discovered the joy of acoustic guitar playing.


Here is the link to Kacey video:


Check out this video on YouTube:




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Sorry to hear of your injury... 'looks like the guitar in the video is a CJ-165 EC? I know nothing of these guitars. Whether or not they are associated with Americana, I wouldn't worry too much about, if it was more comfortable for you to play. Yes, there is a varied selection of small-bodied Gibsons you might be interested in; the LG-2, J-185, and L-00 come to mind. Have you been good about doing the prescribed physical therapy to get your lungs stronger? You might want to keep up on that, & take advantage of Guitar Center's excellent return policy and try out some of those smaller guitars.


Also- since you mentioned a preference for that deeper Gibson tone, you may want to keep your eye out for the occasional Nick Lucas Special reissue that pops up now and again. They were made off and on since the early 1990's in many incarnations from mahogany, rosewood, and (mostly) maple, short and long scale, but they had a slightly deeper body, which might reward the player with more low end. Still, as for that, you've already got some great guitars, and I hope you can find a way to make those work for you in the meantime.


Here's a Nick Reissue from a while back:


Nick Lucas Special Martin Buy and Sell




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Hey 62Burst,



Thank you for your very thoughtful reply. That Nick Lucas is a beaut! I also just checked around for the CJ and it looks they are hard to come by as well. Any suggestions out there for a store that might have some of the smaller body guitars on hand? Do I need to take a drive to Nashville or something?


P.s., I am hoping to hang on to the two I've got for now until I can actually play well enough to know what I love, lol. Working on that (practicing) daily! Okay...obsessively! :-)

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The big Guitar Center on Northeast Expressway might be a place to start, if you haven't been in that particular store.


In the Gibson lineup, you might look at their traditional small-bodies: the LG-2, the Blues King, and the L-OO. All are substantially smaller than the two Gibsonsa you have now, but are great guitars. I have a number of larger guitars, but my favorite right now is my L-OO. I have the Legend model which is quite expensive, but they have a less expensive L-OO which has about 95% of the features of the Legend at a lower price. There are a lot of Blues King models around, new and used. The LG-2 is a re-issue which gets really good reviews.


All of these are 1"- 1.25" narrower across the lower bout than your other two Gibsons, and are shallower as well, so they may feel a lot more comfortable to you. Small reductions in body size can make big differences in comfort, particularly if you are dealing with upper-body physical limitations.

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Bailey Bros is a 5 star acoustic dealer .

You might want to to call and ask for Keith Edwards.



Phone : 2052717827






Thank you for the mention! Yes, we are in Birmingham. Let me know if I can help. and i don't just mean "sell you a guitar". Whatever you need. questions, etc.



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