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New Pink Floyd Album - The Endless River


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Lol.. how did I miss this one?


New Pink Floyd album coming :o (NEXT MONTH!!) (and possibly more interestingly a tour will come soon too)


Their own site http://www.pinkfloyd.com/theendlessriver/listen


The Endless River has as its starting point the music that came from the 1993 Division Bell sessions, when David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason played freely together at Britannia Row and Astoria studios. This was the first time they had done so since the ‘Wish You Were Here’ sessions in the seventies. Those sessions resulted in The Division Bell, the band’s last studio album.


In 2013 David Gilmour and Nick Mason revisited the music from those sessions and decided that the tracks should be made available as part of the Pink Floyd repertoire. It would be the last time the three of them would be heard together. The band have spent the last year recording and upgrading the music,using the advantages of modern studio technology to create The Endless River.


The Endless River is a tribute to Rick Wright, whose keyboards are at the heart of the Pink Floyd sound. It is a mainly instrumental album with one song, ‘Louder Than Words’, (with new lyrics by Polly Samson), arranged across four sides and produced by David Gilmour, Phil Manzanera, Youth and Andy Jackson.




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Interesting ending from David Gilmour : "I suspect This Is It".


Last Floyd offering - as a disc and possible tour?



Yup.... according to this




and they have mentioned a tour previously.. So this really will be it for the Floyd... imagine how quick those tickets are gonna sell


Box set



the gallery is quite cool too


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Yes I too love Animals.. one of my favourites as well as Wish and Moon...


I kinda enjoy Piper and I actually REALLY like the Final Cut... some of the guitar work on that is amazing and it has some great sax solos aswell that I also enjoy...


As for this new stuff.. I don't expect it to be the best album ever I just think it will be cool to hear some new Gilmour. Cos he is awesome.

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Every so often I will try to listen to that album, but I can't enjoy them. Along with Umma Gumma, Obscured By Clouds, More! the first 2 albums I have in a 2 vinyl set called A Nice Pair. Each album has a cut or two I like. I am a huge Yes fan but I just cant stomach anything after Tormato and even some of that is hard to bear. I love Zep but Presence was almost the breaking point and Out Door to me is an utter waste of time. All My Love are you f-ing with us Jimmy?


I think Zep's Presence is quite an underrated album as it has some great tunes on it, but have to agree ITTOD is not great, however, it does have Fool In The Rain which is one of my favourite Zeppelin songs and a great Page solo in I'm Gonna Crawl - I love his tone on that one. Houses of the Holy is probably my favourite album by them.


Now, Pink Floyd - the first album I ever heard by them was The Division Bell when I was 10 in 1994, so I always have a love for that album that many Floyd fans don't share!! High Hopes is a classic song for me, I always thought the slide outro was brilliant. In terms of albums, I really like Wish You Were Here and obviously DSOTM. I'm quite looking forward to hearing a new PF album

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We were at the same show at MSG for the Animals tour - remember the idiots throwing M80s from the upper sections? We were sitting on the floor seats and that was a bad few minutes, waiting for one to land in our laps...




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