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my son-in-outlaw had to rub it in


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Thankfully, I have two fantastic son in laws, and they really are great guys.

One of them travels literally all over the world.

Vince called me last week and told me he was going to send me some pictures that he thought I would like.

Well, he sent them to me today, and there he is, having dinner with Sir Richard Branson.

Vince has the biggest sh-- eating grin I have ever seen, smoking a cigar, drinking wine with Sir Richard.

Last week he had dinner with a king in Saudia, and two weeks before that, he was golfing with some big diplomat from Iceland.

I think I will pack my things and move in with him, my daughter, grandkids in Conn.

I remember when he was still in high school, seems like just last week.

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Sounds like he's having wwaaayyy too much fun. Can he get me a flight on Virgin Galactic?


Yeah, the boy is having Way too much fun.

I would be happy if I could get a flight.

He told me in 2013 he flew almost 675,000 miles in just 12 months.

Its not uncommon for him to touch down in 3 different cities in 12 hours.

Lot different from when I was in the work force for sure

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