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1994 SG, but is it original?


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Chances are the pups, knobs, pickgaurd and bridge are not original.

I agree.


One thing for certain, is that the stuff that doesn't match, such as black bridge and chrome tuners, would not occur when new. And not that it doesn't appear to be done with taste, but the other "upgrades" aren't consistant with the other features.


Can say for sure FZ's list are NOT stock.


I can make a guess that this model (and this is from my memory) had a black guard, uncovered pups, and the truss rod cover said "SG". Came in black, or red, or white.

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Thanks! Still waiting for sellers answer. But I agree, these are strange modifications, and I think black guard, crome bridge,

black knobs, open pups and "SG" truss rod cover is right, judging from pics I've seen online.

He wants $500, maybe I'll give $450... From the start (in the ad) he wanted $750!

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At the very least the knobs, bridge, pickups, truss rod cover and pickguard are not original.


Good news is most likely you could parts-out the non-original parts to help buy OEM (or better) parts. If the husk is in good shape, no dings/dents/finish issues and the neck's straight without a ton of fret-wear, it would be a simple, good project to take on and make it right for still far less money than you'd spend on something today with a lousy "120th Anniversary" inlay or whatever.


But hey, I can't blame someone for not wanting to buy something that was hodgepodged together like dude did. It would take enough work to make it proper to where I could see some people losing interest.

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