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Inside Epiphone 1962 Sheraton


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Hello all!

This is my first post. I have Epiphone 1962 Sheraton E212T sunburst. It's beautiful guitar with great Gibson minihumbuckers sound. But I found sometnig inside in the F-holes hollows. On the wood inside there are a lot of white, little spots at the top and bottom. Firstly I thought it was glue, but when I got it on my finger it's more like powder. I have never notice that I

in semi/hollowbody before. You know what's it? Is it typical? This Sheraton is Chinese production.

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Most likely some leftover polish residue. If it concerns you, get an air can,

or air hose and blow it out...Gently! It may end up inside, because the polish

wheels, throw that stuff around a bit, and some is bound to end up inside.

Nothing to worry about, though.


Nice '62 Sheri! Congratulations! [thumbup]



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