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Help identify my Gibson 335

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I bought a Gibson ES 335 at our local dealer. It was brand new but older stock and was built in 2008. The guitar hung way up high on the wall and had what I considered to be a unreasonable price tag, so it just never sold. I purchased a cheaper model but had problems with it. When I retuned the guitar I played every 335 in the shop and out of about seven this blonde ES 335 exotic seemed the best. They made me a deal I could not refuse. I could clearly imagine what this guitar will look like in 20 years when it yellows, and that was it.


Here is my question, I have found no info about it on the Gibson site or even a google search. What I have found out is that information differs depending who's writing. Every where I see the guitar advertised it appears to be out of production and they offer no info either.

The body in covered completely in the wildest Birdseye / Quilted Maple I've ever seen. The model number inside the guitar says HB0012M not es335. I was told by the store manager that it was a limited edition guitar and only so many were made. Of course I want to know more about this guitar and exactly what the story on it is. How many were made? What was it's floor price? And whatever more info might be interesting.


Thanks in advance for any help

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On 9/30/2014 at 1:36 AM, Bluesbum said:

Heres a photo that gives you an idea how figured the maple is.

post-67781-007520000 1412055363_thumb.jpg

Did you ever get any information on the guitar? I just bought the same one. Thanks 

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