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How many of us on this forum have or have played one of the real one's from 50's to 1960. Those are the only people qualified to chime in. I know I haven't. If you have a '59 reissue but it was made last year it is still a 2013 IMO. I had a LP Classic with the 1960 on the pick guard. I don not feel I can chime in and say how great the 1960 LP's were cause it is a replica.

Back in the day...circa 1972.. A unbelievable guitarist..that was in the band I went to church with...let me use his 1960 LP Goldtop. Fer a year till I could get my own...I was VERY poor growing up......I later bought a 59 MELODY MAKER for $100, then I got a76 custom BB 3 PU..sounded GREAT but could NEVER get used to the middle PU...sold it bought. 77 THE PAUL..my opinion was the best LP ever made...so....my favs were 1) THE PAUL...2) the GOLD TOP...3) the MM 4)the 76 BB...but I have to say...the P90's in that GT was KILLER...I'm having a Custom MM made to the spec of my 59 MM right now so of the classics.........the 59 MM was the best....ok my diatribe is over.....(takes breath)

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