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ST150 Pitch will no longer zero

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Recently one of my Stanton ST150 turntables has suddenly stopped being able to zero the pitch. I have tried toggling the pitch lock switch on and off, the pitch does lock at zero when the pitch lock light is off, but it will not zero when pitch lock is on and instead will jump from one speed to the next when the pitch is being moved from 0.33 or 0 to -0.33 (I think that is what it is called, in other words when I try to lower the pitch to slow the turntable). I have tried cleaning the pitch with contact cleaner and forced air duster, but alas I have had no luck in getting it to work properly. My turntable is a little over a year old and has never left my apartment nor are they ever moved.


Would someone please possibly be able to help me fix this issue or be able to give me parts information?



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