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Actually .... not really Em7, kinda went of the 35ers.


I think my J-40 is still the best Martin Ive played, I do have also a soft spot for the 000-18GE.






Good to see you around, EA.



"As a Gibson guy I have to say I love the (H)D-35. Great guitar ".

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .GibbyPrague Jan. 2011



Can you still be quoted for that line. .











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Good eye!

It broke. I tried to find a replacement because this C&W sounded amazing with it when I bought it. It is by far the best acoustic I own. It has a wide spectrum with a dynamic midrange that is great for recording. I could not find any plastic bridge parts out there. I tried. I replaced it with an ebony bridge glued down but retained the adjustable porcelain saddle. I like them. They sparkle. My LG2 has one and it sings as well...

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If anything I liked it a bit more before it broke.

Interesting. I had exactly the same feeling with my '65 B-25n. The plastic bridge did not break, but I replaced it to stabilize a structural issue, and the replacement was an ebony bridge. I too preferred the original tone. Thirty years after making the change, I still have the intact plastic bridge & all associated hardware tucked away in the basement.

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1992 Rickenbacker 620/6 jetglo.........................if you ask me tomorrow, it might be my 1993 Tele because of perfect intonation and for sentimental reasons

2013 Hummingbird Pro..........................if you ask me tomorrow, it might be the 2009 D-28, because of the perfect neck and because I bought it to keep it until retirement


it´s a tough decision between the guitars I mostly play at the moment vs. the instruments I still want to own in years to come.

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