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Anybody own a P93?


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So I'm considering a P93 but haven't got a chance to try one out.

What do the three positions do on the PU selector?

I know with the knobs there are 3 Volumes and a Master tone.


It appears from what I've read - that the Middle pickup is on at anytime using the one the respective Volume controls designated for the Middle PU.

Otherwise the pickup selector is Neck, Neck and Bridge, Bridge - turn volume of Middle PU to blend with any of those combinations.

Is this correct?


Thanks for clearification.

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I just recently bought the Limited Edition Riviera Custom P93. I think they are gorgeous guitars. Truthfully I was having doubts with it for a week after I had it, but all of the good people here suggested I have a setup done on it first before I made up my mind. So I did have the setup and also I had flatwound strings put on it and holly smokes it came alive. I love the guitar now and can't seam to put the thing down. I think you would be very pleased with one..



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