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Gibson EDS1275

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I have had this double neck for a few years, but havent studied up on it.


This is my only Gibson, (and my first post), although I have other fine instruments


Checking "Gibson Serialisation" by Fjestad it indicates a 1981 model, the 36th stamped in Kalamazoo on day (079 of 365) 20th March (80791036)


It is Tobacco Sunburst, and has the following features.


* All gold hardware (same as white ones)


* "Gibson" in gold script, not inlays, on headstocks......"Made in USA" is stamped lightly between the top 12 string tuners in vertical script


* all tuners changed to gold-colored Grovers, witness marks show removal of original tuners


* gold colored "Seth Lover" pickups



I have never seen one with this color, or combination


It seems to me someone has decided the guitar looks better in all gold, (it looks fantastic), and has changed out all the hardware.


Is it possible they came with gold hardware from the custom-shop?


I can only get one pic to post at once, will upload more when I figure a way around that


regards Tony

post-67938-034127300 1412634548_thumb.jpg

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Here's another 1981 in sunburst with all original parts;




Gibson custom shop wasn't around in 1981, so it is likely that the previous owner of your guitar replaced all the hardware themselves, judging by the evidence of the replaced tuners. Also, gold screen logos were on all the EDS 1275's I have seen from this period. They did have more finish options back then too, like yours in sunburst and also walnut was another.


It sure is a gorgeous guitar you have there [thumbup]


Hope this info helps.

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Thanks for the replies and tip to another same year & color


Ive seen the walnuts, there are several for sale atm on ebay, values may be rising somewhat since buying mine [smile]



some comments;


it looks so good, I have decided to wall-hang it like art, better than hiding in its case!


otherwise it isnt the 1st guitar you normally reach for at 11.7 pounds (5.3kg)



it does sound great too, power chord heaven on the six-string, excellent sustain for lead work


12-string has a very creative effect on playing



guitar is beautifully made and detailed, with no wear


a great instrument for the home-studio, unique tones can be made



On the downside, only up to 18th fret is practical for lead which is limiting.

12 string neck is same width as 6 string, makes it hard to play.


If they had made a true 20 fret 6 string scale & slightly wider 12 neck, would be even better.


Even though it looks great in gold, if I had been the owner who changed the original stuff out, every screw, pickup, harness, tuners etc, would have been placed in a bag, labelled, and stored in the original case compartment [huh]

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This was my EDS-1275. I sold it in the early 80s and have regretted it ever since.

i out the Shaller mini mother of pearl tuners on it. All else was stock.

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