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Another "Lennon" Casino

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Looks like the Elitist is getting a new treatment with more 60s correct specs. Not got any official Lennon association but much similar to his specs than the previous Elitist model. Nitro, Klusons, Blue Label, Nylon Saddles, two hole TRC... All you need is a black washer and a foil e. $10-20 and it's there!





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Yeah, and right at $2,000 dollars, too! Still, it's "historically" accurate in details, seemingly,

except for the little black washer, on "Lennon's." But, those were only on, for a short time, during

1965 anyway.


We're still not sure, they'll be distributed in the US or Europe? Sounds like (so far) Japan get's first dibs?




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Interesting that this new model uses 3-ply maple rather than the 5-ply of the first Elitist Casino. Also, it is only available in sunburst (I personally prefer the natural finish version).


Fortunately, the ES-330 VOS has completely quelled my previously rabid Casino/330 lust factor!

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I have always been put off by the Elitist' "Modern" specs. For me, I'd be just as happy with this as the 1965 ones and make the mods myself.


It's good to see Epiphone really making an effort to bring back a lot of the 60s touches over the last few years.

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