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Gibson SG Special Faded Loud Hum/Buzz

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Hi Everyone,


I just got this new guitar Gibson SG Special Faded (with a T490) and I also own a Gibson SG Voodoo (with a T500). Unfortunately my new guitar gives me a real loud hum/buzz compared to my voodoo.


I would like to have your ideas on what the cause could be since I brought the guitar to a local Gibson Dealer and their technical guy told me he went through all the validations and the guitar was normal (impedance on pickups, grounds, shorts, etc.). My buddies are telling me to simply buy a noise suppressor pedal but I really doubt this is normal.



I have this video I did yesterday to show the difference between the two guitars:





Let me know what you think! I'm kinda stuck... :(


Thanks a lot!


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Thanks for the feedback Greg,


It does it when I use the bridge pickup, and I tried to lower the pickup... not the solution :(


When I have both pickups on (switch in the middle) the buzz is reduced, also when I turn the guitar around in certain orientations the buzz is reduced but still there... so I was thinking maybe a problem with EMI. But why would my other SG with a T500 pickup not buzz... is there a reason based on the type of pickup?


I went and bought a boss noise supressor with "solves/patches" my problem. I'm still hoping to find an explanation...

a real solution.


Not an easy task!


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