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ES-175 Premium


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Ah - An Elitist Broadway! [thumbup] Wanted one or possibly a Byrdland for the longest time, only to find them out of production (or at least not available). Not sure why they took them off the market (possibly cutting into Gibson models market share?)


You've got a beauty that I think will only increase in value - I'd hold on to that! (I thought the ES-175 Premium might have been a move by Gibson to upgrade the model but perhaps not to the extent they did with the Elitist.)




Thanks Dale. I've got an Elitist Byrdland as well. Waited to the absolute last minute to buy these and for the life of me don't know why. They're perfect for me but I didn't realise until they were almost gone . . . [scared]



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For what it's worth, with one stainless steel exception that lasted about two years (a Seiko), I've not been able to keep a wristwatch more than a year regardless of price (up to about $250 US, anyway). Even what I thought was another identical Seiko. It appears they don't like my body chemistry.


OTOH, except for gold plating coming off various metal guitar parts, I haven't seemed to have had that much trouble with guitars.


Then again, unless a guitar gets "dirty," I don't bother messing with worries about cleaning it.



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