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Hello. I found this website after jumping around guitar sites on the web. I have looked around a lot here, and this is truly a great source of information. Unfortunately, my Uncle passed away about a month ago. I am the only string man in the family, so he left me a Tobacco Sunburst Advanced Jumbo. I checked the serial number against some informative sites on the internet, and have concluded that it was made in 2002. I have always played my '65 Fender Telecaster, and this is my first acoustic. I have to say that I really love this Gibson. It has an action that is very playable, and the sound is amazing. I had played it at family get togethers over the years, and I really liked it a lot. However, it's a whole different deal when it is Your guitar, and You can sit down and play it for four or five hours without anyone looking over Your shoulder.

I really have grown to love this guitar in the few weeks that I have owned it, and I think that I'll keep it, and leave it to one of my nephews who is a pretty amazing guitarist for a seventeen year old young man. I think that he wanted this one, but he's on the other side of the family, and I was chosen to care for it for now. I believe that You never I really own a good guitar, but You are sort of the caretaker of it while You are alive. I am definitely going to keep this beautiful guitar in the family.

Anyway, I look forward to being a Gibson owner on this forum, and I already know that You folks are able and willing to answer any questions that arise. I am already a Gibson fan, and I'm so impressed with this one! I think that I'm going to get one of those SG's that have always caught my eye. It's great to be here.

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Can't beat a diet of Fender electrics and Gibson acoustics.


For decades my constant companions were a Fender electric (1958 Tele) and Gibson acoustic (1930s L-00). Stopped playing electric almost 10 years ago (except for lap steel) but the staying power of the Gibsons has remained as strong as ever.

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Love the older AJ's so loud, bold and lush. You can dig in with them for good headroom.

I am glad you are gravitating to the acoustic compliment to electric.


Gibson's are a great bridge from electrics.

The 1 23/32" classic Gibson nut width and 2 3/16" saddle spacing provides a nice string spacing for electric oriented players.

The 25.5" scale length is long, for a Gibson, but makes for a little more tone.


Sorry about your relative but I compliment him in his choice of guitars. I also am impressed that you get the caretaker thing.


BTW: I played my 1999 Gibson J45 Rosewood at a wedding last weekend and it was perfect for a small, out door, unamplified song.

I could of gone even louder with your guitar and a heavier pick but luckily I have a great J45 with deep projection.

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Thanks for the hearty welcome folks. I'll take a few pictures tomorrow. He reallymtookmcare of it. I never saw hin use a pick, and he had some nice three fingered Travis paterns. He had a great voice. Unfortunately, he chewed tobacco, and throat cancer spread to every thing near them. It was really sad, because he had such a voice, and that was the first thing to go. He still took the Gibson out within two weeks of the end. He was a Warren Zevon fan, and he actually talked to him several times. Warren always remembered him, because my Uncle was related to Lon Chaney Jr. Warren said that he was the only one related to Lon Chaney Jr that he ever met.

He only asked for one autograph, and Warren Signed it- To Mr Chaney-Ahooo! Warren Zevon. I have that autograph in the storage box in the case. I figure I have the Mojo,from both of them.I put it in one of those Baseball card holders, long with an autograph that he got from Bob Seger. There is also a pick from both of them, so I look at it every time I take the Jumbo out for a workout. I've been playing it for about two hours every night. That gorgeous Gibson is really growing on me.

I have some video of Joe Satriani playing an acoustic, so I've been working on some of his licks. I'm really glad that he chose me, because I'm the only player, and I'm using it a lot..I only played the Tele once in the last two weeks. I can feel my grip getting stronger, but the action on the Jumbo is actually really good, and I remember my Uncle Jake telling me that he liked the action right out of the box, so he never had it set up. I think I'm going to get an ivory nut and bridge, and some ivory bridge pins. I figure since I got it for free, I don't mind putting a little mony into fresh set up.

Like I said guys, I really appreciate the welcome. I knew there would be some true Gibson fans in here. I didn 't even look anywhere else. I'm sure that this is the best. Later Folks!

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