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Can anyone shed any light on this. The advanced jumbo I swapped my martin d18 for has its serial number on the neckblock which Gibson tell me is to make the custom shop historically accurate. That's fine however when they did research on the serial number they found it linked to a product code which tells them its a luthiers choice model. The confusion lies in that there is nothing on the actual guitar to suggest it other than the serial number on the block rather than headstock and a small sticker behind the headstock which says custom shop. The orange labelis the same as a standard Gibson label. It doesn't say custom or luthiers choice



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The Luthier's Choice is pretty unique in a lot of ways. Label-wise,

it does not say "Luthier's Choice". It has a wider than normal nut.

Red Spruce top rather than Sitka. Depending on the year model, it may

have a burst finish over the mahogany neck. I wish I still had mine!

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