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country singer 62 years in the making


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Great story!


In my time in the music industry, I learned that for everyone who made it big, there were a hundred others who had similar talents, but for one reason or another, never quite made it. Sometimes it's talent, sometimes it's character, sometimes it's bad luck, bad management or being in the right place at the wrong time.


The difference between success and failure can be a tiny one.


This is a good story, and I hope he can keep it up.


Actually, I was surprised a few years ago to discover that there was actually a fair amount of interest in country music in Sweden. Some of the stuff they liked made me shake my head in wonder, but at least they were interested.

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This is a great story that I saw a while ago. Watch the video on YouTube and check out the sidebars where he goes to Sweden and records the song in the studio. Apparently the gal in the video is a big star in Sweden. She does some great stuff too.

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Really a heart-lifting story. I suspect there are others like him down there.. John Sebastian touched on this very subject years ago. Before he appeared on the Johnny Cash Show, Cash, Dylan and some of their friends took Sebastian around Nashville for several days, going into the dives and seeing performers no one had ever heard about. Sebastian wrote this song about it and all the talent busking on the street corners and in the bars. I hated the song at first. But then I grew-up and understood what he was saying. This guy "Doug" is one of those Nashville Cats.


Lovin' Spoonful

Nashville Cats



Nashville Cats, play clean as country water

Nashville Cats, play wild as mountain dew

Nashville Cats, been playin' since they's babies

Nashville Cats, get work before they're two


Well, there's thirteen hundred and fifty two

Guitar pickers in Nashville

And they can pick more notes than the number of ants

On a Tennessee anthill

Yeah, there's thirteen hundred and fifty two

Guitar cases in Nashville

And anyone that unpacks his guitar can play

Twice as better than I will


Yes, I was just thirteen, you might say I was a

Musical proverbial knee-high

When I heard a couple new-sounding tunes on the tubes

And they blasted me sky-high

And the record man said every one is a Yellow Sun

Record from Nashville

And up North there ain't nobody buys 'em

And I said, but I will


And it was



Well, there's sixteen thousand eight hundred

And twenty one mothers from Nashville

All their friends play music, and they ain't uptight

If one of the kids will

Because it's custom made for any mother's son

To be a guitar picker in Nashville

And I sure am glad I got a chance to say a word about

The music and the mothers from Nashville

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