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52 Gibson LG1 Photos


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No reason, just for the fun, here are some photos I just took of my 1952 Gibson LG1 - it is certainly a case of having pretty well everything horrible done to it one time or another, but now sounds better than ever for slide in Open D - after some repairs....and a bone nut with ebony bridge mentioned in another thread (and the little apple tree is just starting to bud here for the photo!):
















more to come....

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I just recorded a few riffs in Open D with my thick DB Redhouse Bottleneck - why I am not getting the neck set - plenty of space for the fat bottle!



Don't let the benign photos of this guitar above deceive you - both these old dogs can be real fierce! Just like people think: "That can't be a lovely Labrador trying to kill my dog" - same with the LG1! [biggrin]




Yep, they both have some real mean thing lurking inside! (the dog we saved from 'the chair' because I was supposed to good with training dogs - well that proved to be the previous dogs were nice, not me any good at training! This one stamped with "Never To Be Let Loose!")




Proof of guitar:









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