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Amp c.1938, EH150? or part of kit?


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I acquired this Gibson amp a few years ago and finally took it to the local guys (Sherwoodsmusic.com) to take a look at it. They replaced the rectifier and two other tubes, put on a three prong plug and replaced a fuse. The sound is incredible. The original speaker, etc.


I'm going to sell it but want to price it fairly for me and the buyer. There is a serial number, but no model number on a plate. I believe it is c. 1937-1940 and it seems to fit the descriptions of the EH150, 15W around that time. What I have discovered is the rounded corners make me believe it may be 1938-1939, series 3, EH150, because it has the plugs for instrument and microphone (the original did not have two). It also have seven tubes vs five.


There was also a kit one could purchase, with a combo Gibson and the Amp for $150 at that time. This is what leads me to believe it is from the kit as there isn't a "stand alone" metal plate signifying the model.


If any of you can enlighten me a bit more as to what this could be, I would appreciate it. It has a beautiful tone to it again, now that it is restored, and I have a couple vids demonstrating the sound now... no handle (the famous mustache) but I do have the cover and it's in pretty good condition as well.





** Update:

The serial number is on the speaker. What we believe probably happened is somewhere along it's history, work had to be done prior to the recent work. The model and serial plate, which lives just behind the last tube, was probably removed when the screws were removed to get inside ... and inadvertently didn't get replaced.


I believe this is a 7-tube, c.1938 EH 150 from everything I've been able to find. Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery ... to name a few...



post-68021-059541600 1413128059_thumb.jpg

post-68021-001393700 1413128118_thumb.jpg

post-68021-083262500 1413128224_thumb.jpg

post-68021-066360500 1413128373_thumb.jpg

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Hi Your amp would probably have been sold as part of an EH150 lap steel outfit for $150.


You can see more pics of the outfit here:-




Thanks. I think I'm seeing more and more that it was/is from the kit. Any idea as to value? It sounds incredible, as you can hear from those quick tests from the links on dropbox.

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