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That particular tuner design, if I am viewing it correctly--although the photo resolution is not quite high enough--is typically thought to have been used by Gibson on Les Pauls and other higher-end guitars from 1953-1956.


However, we are talking Gibson here, so anything is possible. Note that the standard individual oval-button tuners have exactly the same footprint as these, so it may be impossible to confirm. Without a doubt, Gibson was using keystone tuners on some higher-end acoustics well before this. I have an original set from my 1947 L-7, although I have temporarily replaced them with modern versions of the same tuner.


Interestingly, "Fabulous Flat-Tops" has a picture of a 1953 SJ with keystone tuners, but it specifically says that they had replaced the originals, which had oval buttons. At the same time, the book could be wrong as well, so I would not discount the possibility these are original, but there is probably no way to prove it.


Here's a site that has good info on Gibson tuners in this period:


My link

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