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In 2013 they started to make fully massive Traditionals featuring '57 Classic in the neck and '57 Classic Plus in the bridge position. In 2014 they changed to the new '59 Tribute pickups. Traditionals have a short neck tenon.


'57s, '59s, and all sorts of Burstbuckers are variations of the PAF. They reflect the winding tolerances of the original handwound PAFs and come with different magnets. All of them have neck or "R" pole piece spacing.


Starting with the 2012 models, Standards come modern weight relieved now. They have long neck tenons and Burstbucker Pros. Then there are push/pull pot switching options comprising capacitor coil split, polarity switch for the neck pickup (erratingly but commonly aka "phase switch"), and a bridge PU bypass.


That having said, I love my Standards as well as my Traditional 2013. The first are more flexible and have more of a "deep" tone while the Traditional is closer to the real thing to my taste, with more bite and fatter midrange. As some surprise, my massive Epiphone 1960 Tribute LP featuring long tenon and Gibson '57 Classic/'57 Classic Plus is closest to my Gibson LP Standard 2012. I bought the Epi mainly for her nice series/parallel push/pull options.


Trying out some of them would be best I think.

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