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Matsumoku Sheraton Pickguard Template

Cold Ethyl

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And hello from Melbourne Australia first time post

After weeks of searching the net for a pick guard template for my 1983 Sheraton with no luck im hoping

someone may be able to help.


Back in 83 I purchased my first guitar a Sheraton from the Music Junction in Victoria Australia

The first thing I did was remove the pick guard and bracket, mistake 1

played it to death for a few years then put it in the cupboard for 25years.


Back in love with it now after a fairly long affair with RICs but unable to find the original

pick guard and bracket.


Have searched every post on here, have emailed Gibson Customer Service as suggested on here, but they are unable to

help with the 80s Japanese Guitars.

They have put me onto a few pick guard suppliers who have been helpful but they require a template.


Is there any forum members who may own a early 80's Matsumoku Sheraton or know someone who has one who would be able to trace me a template of their pick guard and fax a copy so I can make a template for mine?

I found a Dot template which I have cut out for the pickups from the existing screw hole, but its the main shape im after.


I purchased a LP bracket which I think is right for the guitar.


Really hope someone can help even a tracing of a Sheraton 2 would help

Or even purchase an 80,s guard if someone happen to have a spare



post-67883-097814900 1413258010_thumb.jpg

Warning embarrassing photo from 83

post-67883-086796700 1413258539_thumb.jpg

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