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Hello big ALL,


I was reading a Bram's post on the Silverbust LP Thread where here said that he played his guitar A LOT through the years, so recenty it needed a refret. Man, I have some guitar at home and the only one wich is far from needing a refretting is my first guitar, the Squier and I think mostly because I used 0.9s and I almost always was playing chords. And at that time I couldn't play hard.


The Tele that I bought in 2006 with Super Jumbo insane frets (in wich I always use 0.11s) is already very chewed, the strat I bough in 2008 (always with 0.11s) show clear signs of fret use and even the SG that's I haven't the chance to play for even 2 full months has signs of abuse around the 5th and 7th frets. The SG has been always equpped with 0.10s because I fear for the neck/body joint.


I think the fact that I can't play tumeni notes for seconds and that I use a lot of vibrato and bends has something to do with that. And I play hard. My left hand is nearly not as strong as I aim to be, but my grip is tight - I could never use scalloped guitars.


Hell, I would never be able to play a guitar for about 10 or 20 years without refreting at least twice.



I tried some pictures but is a little too dark in here so I can't get a nice macro picture that shows the chewing.

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I used to always wear the frets in certain positions because I got trapped in certain cliches (blues patterns and favourite tapping intervals). Now, I repeat my cliches all over the neck to spread the wear out.... (just kidding). It was difficult, but I made myself play different things in different positions. The cheaper guitars I used to have, had low nickel content in the frets, and quickly became worn. When I got a new SG, the frets were clearly harder wearing, but the factory had levelled them pretty low, so I made sure to keep away from the same positions. Some strings are more abrasive on the frets. I am using D'Adarrio XL nickel wound, and they seem to be pretty easy on the frets.


When you refret, go for a high nickel content for longer life. By cleaning strings after use, it cuts down on corrosion which can cause abrasion also. Demand is slowly building for stainless steel frets (haven't used it myself), but it requires careful fretboard levelling, since it is more difficult to level the frets afterwards. On my Strat, I used fretwire with a bead height of 1.3mm, so there will be plenty of life. No levelling of the frets was needed since I trued the board first. So all the frets are uniformly 1.3mm high. The stainless wire I have seen so far has been 1.16mm high, which wouldn't interest me, but if I see it in taller sizes, I might try it. String life might be reduced though.

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You should look at the maple neck on the RG550' date=' 18 years of playing and it will do a number on a few lead boxes. I only know Pent Major and Minor scales but use the he11 out of them. I use the box pattern and connect them in the bottom to continue my lead runs. I love the way the neck look on the fret board.[/quote']


Actually, I only know pentatonics. 2 or 3 shapes.


Ok, I know the major natural scale (and knowing that, I know the minor too) but I never use it anyway...


Jeez, I suck

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