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Muddy Waters feat. Johnny Winter - Chicago Fest 1981


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Thank you for posting that. I watched it all and will no doubt view it again.

I loved Johnny Winter's playing. I always will. He was just larger than life when it came to playing the blues.

My all-time favorite blues guitarist. It's videos like this that help introduce other guitarists to what a fantastic player he really was.

Thanks again.

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Chicago Blues Fest was always a lot of fun. Not only the shows themselves, but you never knew who you might run into in the clubs and bars during that week. All kinds of musicians would be around town and there were some really great jams late at night after the festival shut down.


That said, having grown up around Chicago and played in bands there for many years, I can only take so much blues in a given night and at a certain point it all starts to sound the same. Great fan of the blues, but prefer small doses these days.

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