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Epi Special II Peghole Diameter???


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Yeah, I'm thinking this is 8mm. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this and knows already. I can measure but this one's for sale and strings are nearly new. I mostly play Fenders but this was my humbucker guitar for the band last summer when money was tight. Recently got an LP and resolved to sell a few things to cover part of that cost and this was one of them. But if it doesn't move soon I may keep it. It won't sell for much anyway and I really like the feel of these. Had one once before. And I got a pair of mean 90 pickups I just took out of a guitar. If I sell this I'll sell those too. But if not...that might be a good match. So if I do, gotta replace the tuners.

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If the tuners look like this: tuners.jpg

Then they are the stock "economy" tuners that come on both Juniors and Special II guitars.

They are 8mm holes after removing the bushings.


Removing bushings and replacing tuners takes a bit of care. It is however, a relatively simple job if you use the correct tools.

If the hole sizes or screw locations need adjusting it is also fairly simple.



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