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Books on Orville Gibson


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Have you searched Amazon.com and/or Barnes & Noble.com?


I'd try there first and any of the major book selling sites on the net.


Personally no I don't know any. I don't know if there's any such page on the Gibson site or not. But you are right, it would seem to me they should have a page dedicated to where you can buy such historic information along with some other guitar accessories...


That might be a great idea for them to consider if they don't already have such a thing... (hint... hint...)

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Orville was no Leo.


He didn't own Gibson guitars for very long at all, I believe less than 8 years.


He didn't do anything but make whatever instruments were made in that day.


Not a real exciting story, so it's no wonder they don't really pump it up much.



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I disagree. A book on Orville's life and times would be very interesting I think - how he started on a small scale making mandolins and then applying the archtop to his acoustics, etc.


Didn't he design and make the crazy Gibson guitar harp too?!


Sadly I don't think there is a book devoted to Orville though and he's just talked about at the beginning of Gibson history books. Shame.

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