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Real or Fake help


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I've been following this forum for a while and you all seem a very friendly community, however I figured I'd registered asap and seek your advice... I've seen this gorgeous 1989 Gibson LP Standard on ebay which I'm very interested in.


The pictures supplied seem 'okay' Nothing incredibly out of the ordinary. I've politely asked the sell to send me some pictures of the case, the internal and the serial number just to be sure. However in the meantime. What is your opinion on it? Real or fake? The 'quality' of the logo on the headstock seems suspect, however that maybe just poor image quality.


1989 being the year I was born, and it being such a lovely guitar, if its real, I'll certainly pull the trigger. However I'd like to know what you folks think first.


The link is here:




1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard Immaculate http://r.ebay.com/E0vwyS



Thanks in advance guys!

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