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So I finally got around to really giving the fretboard and nice smooth feel.

Pulled out the tools and did a Level, Crown, and Polish. I got those frets dead level and gleeming like jewelry.

Totally worth the effort. Just think about it - they're cranking those Epi's out for really cheap and probably don't have the fine tuning in the mix to keep the price point down.

Most guitars could use a good level, crown and polish when you buy them. Just to get those bends glass smooth if nothing else.




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Nice looking job. What radius block did you use?

I see what looks like a nut file in the background and no nut on the guitar....Plans?




P.S. nice looking fretboard.


That red one is a Crowning File 300 grit. It works great getting the flat spots out after a leveling job.

I pulled the nut off so I could follow through with the leveling block. The nut is in great shape and I'll probably reuse until it needs to be replaced.


The block I used is a 12" radius block with 300 grit. Followed by a 300 grit crowning file then I start with 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 2000, and finally 4000 grit

paper by hand with a fret guard around each fret as I go.

By then it shines like a piece of jewelry. Bends on the neck feel ultra smooth.


I have courser leveling files and crown files but this was just tweeking some high spots on the fretboard and getting a nice straight plane to work to a polish.


The trick is getting the fretboard as straight as you can get it (at the least evil) with a little less tension on the trussrod because the strings aren't pulling and putting stress on the fretboard.

After I get all the fretwork done I tweek the trussrod after tension is back on and set it almost dead straight. You can really get the strings down low if you want at this point.

I just really want buzz free fretting and smoothness for bending.

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