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Leather Guitar Straps


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Here are two total rookie questions.

If in doubt, ask the pros....


I was reading somewhere that leather guitar straps react with the finish on Gibson guitars. Therefore, leather straps are not recommended. Is this true?


Second question:

A leather guitar strap has two different ends. The wide end of the strap, and the adjustable "rat tail" that is narrow. Which end of the strap is tied under the strings, just above the nut on the neck of the guitar?


Maybe these questions will make you chuckle.

Rookie questions are so naive. Do you remember when you were there?



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Using leather straps exclusively, I never had to deal with them affecting nitro or other finishes. On all the guitars within cases allowing for that, they are next to always pressed to the top by the closed case lid. These are by far the most of my instruments. Avoiding flashy colours or using undyed leather is recommendable I think, at least I always did and still do.


To me there's no general rule for strap orientation except wearing and playing comfort. I'm considering it as a personal decision. On all of my guitars and basses the wide end is attached to the upper bout respectively neck joint, the rat tail to the lower bout.


In case the wide end is a hindrance for accessing the first fret, attaching the rat tail to the headstock can be useful. However, I never had to deal with this since all of my guitars have an upper strap button, so wearing comfort has always been my only consideration.


By the way, when looking at players using the famous pleather/textile straps saying "Fender" all over, you may see some wearing the lettering upright, others upside down.

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I have either suede or leather straps for everything.


When the guitar is cased, the strap is not attached (I also have strap locks so they won't fit in the case right anyway/


No issues.


the strap orientation is preference, I use them with the "rat tail" on the bottom button, the wide edge is on the top button.

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