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Painted Art Deco Guitar Fetish

Dave F

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I'm afraid I've got my late dear Mom to blame for this one when she bought this Kay back in the early 60's


I think the ugliest one I've seen was the Martin with the Yuengling Beer artwork. I though that destroyed the D41


I'm currently being tempted with the Martin Louvin Brothers D28. I like it.


Here's my three



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No longer have any of these kinds of guitars around but here is what they looked like. I am actually close though to getting bringig another Kay into the fold.


Oscar Schmidt was the King in the 1920s and 1930s.




Kay Kraft Style










I was always taken with the Gambler guitar! It could be great for belting out all the versions of 'Gambler's Blues', 'Bad Luck Dice'. etc.etc....


Only photo I found, there are better ones somewhere:







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