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Posting Photobucket images

Jimi Mac

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Photobuck has semi-recently bugun adding things to their auto generated link URL's that make them incompatible to post,


At least as they are, but it can be done quite simply despite that...


In spite of the new "~original" that has been auto-generated at the end of the file path URL in their links, you can simply delete that off the end of the URL in the "Insert image" tool...


When I click the direct link this is what I get:




While the "Insert image" window is still open you have to delete the "~original" (using the backspace button) off the end of the file name, that Photobucket has more recently begun to add onto the end of the image files after you upload them, in the "direct" link before you complete the image insert by clicking the button under the url field in the little insert image window that opens up...


Get the Photobucket "direct" link,

Open the little "Insert image" window by clicking the icon above the post field in the toolbar,

right click (or use Ctrl-V) and paste the link in the url field over-writing the highlighted "http://" that is auto-generated in the url field,

becore completing the insert hit the backspace button and delete the "~original" off the end of the url,

click the Insert Image button beneath the url field in the little insert image option window,


That should be it...





Hope this helps someone...

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